Marijuana- effects on athletes performance and health benefits

Marijuana is one of the most commonly used mind-changing drugs. It’s naturally grown and is used as herbal medication and a recreational drug. The active ingredient in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol. When this ingredient is higher in the drug, it is believed to be more potent and has a greater effect on the individual consuming it. Marijuana has been in existence for many years and its advocators believe that when used well, it can help relieve pain, insomnia, decrease anxiety, and many other benefits that are generally accepted.

What takes place in the body when you smoke marijuana?

smoke-cannabisThe primary ingredient in marijuana tetrahydrocannabinol is responsible for all the effects of the drugs in the body. The moment you inhale the drug, peak concentration in the body takes place within 3-8 minutes. Normally, the effects of the drug vary based on the strain since each strain contain different amounts of cannabinoids. Since most people want the psychoactive properties, some strains have been developed with large amounts of psychoactive ingredients. Based on the strain that one is using, the total active ingredient absorbed is usually 1-15 mg. However, eating or drinking it normally reduces the amount of the active ingredient by 20%.

Effects of marijuana on athletic performance

Generally, smoking marijuana impairs the eyes, decreases the reaction time, and divides attention leading to less concentration. According to recent studies, pilots smoking marijuana increased in errors that come as a result of impairments. As compared to those who smoked cigarettes, performance among marijuana smokers was adversely affected for averagely two hours after smoking the drug. This was due to the difference in blood flow to the brain. In some studies, brains were analyzed for acute effects of marijuana and it was noted that there was a significant reduction of blood flow to the temporal lobe which was related to the impaired functioning of the brain.

The conclusion of the study was that it’s not advisable to smoke marijuana before a difficult task or a complex game as this could result to poor decision making. However, a hardworking athlete may benefit a lot from the bronchodilatory and pain-numbing effects of the drug. More so, since marijuana can help enhance your body’s metabolism, it can help you in the process of burning fat. The active ingredients found in the drug may also help lower cholesterol and speed fat loss in the body.

Other health benefits of marijuana

· Marijuana may slim you down. Those who are using marijuana are generally slimmer. This means it reduces fasting insulin which may be lead to weight loss. Marijuana smokers have thinner weight circumferences than non-smokers.

· It may treat inflammatory disease in the stomach. According to university researchers, it was noted that marijuana can combine with the cells in the body to help in treating bowel inflammation. They act by blocking the body cannabinoids thereby preventing permeability which in turn makes the intestinal walls bond tighter.

· Marijuana may protect the brain, especially after a stroke. According to scientists, marijuana can also work well in protecting the brain after epilepsy or stroke. This means that it has anticonvulsants benefits. This is very important especially for those who have suffered from epilepsy.

· Marijuana may minimize the pain. Time and again, research has indicated that marijuana can lower nausea in patients who are on chemotherapy. This means cancer patients who are on drugs can benefit a lot from the drug. Marijuana can reduce the pain and also help alleviate the side effects that come with this. It can also help to stimulate appetite.benefits-marijuna

· It may relieve pain in arthritis patients. According to recent evidence, those who did not have cannabinoid receptors were likely to have osteoporosis. Generally, cannabis minimizes the pain that can come as a result of arthritis. According to researchers, the patients that were given some doses of cannabinoid reported a reduction in pain after a short while as compared to those who were not given.

· It has a chemical that may prevent cancer from spreading. These chemicals can work against brain cancer, lung cancer, and leukemia.

Final thoughts

Marijuana is one of the most studied drugs. Although the results are not conclusive, it’s generally believed that it has some benefits that can help. However, the debate and research on the drug is still going on.

Cannabis for Recreational and Medicinal Use: Why People Enjoy this Special Herb

For centuries, marijuana has been used for medical as well as recreational purposes by many cultures. The fact that its use has been banned in some states does not mean that people automatically hate cannabis. In fact, it seems to be loved even more. However, there exists a common misconception about cannabis which claims that it is only used by teenagers, young adults, and sick people. Contrary to this misconception and regardless of one’s social standing, individuals of all ages frequently partake of the herb within the safe confines of their homes and away from the prying eyes of neighbours. This is done at the risk of facing jail time, a fact that provides the perfect example of just how much people love marijuana.

Why do people love Marijuana?

The only way to adequately answer this question is by outlining the benefits that different groups of people gain from cannabis. These groups comprise of fun-loving social users such as college students, and those who use it for medical purposes.

Why People Use Marijuana for Recreational Purposes

It is Cost-Effective and has Few Negative Side-Effects as Compared to Other Drugs

In spite of the commonly cited anti-cannabis propaganda, recreational marijuana users state that they consider the herb less harmful as compared to alcohol and other drugs. Unlike previous generations who turned to other recreational drugs such as alcohol at the end of a tiring day, individuals living in current times find that the side effects of other drugs are harsher than those of cannabis.

For example, it is well-renowned that the worst side-effect of alcohol is a hangover. As a direct result of excessive alcohol intake, numerous individuals tend to barely remember the events of the previous night. Moreover, they are rendered incapable of performing any physical activities the next day due to the excessive nausea and fatigue that is characteristic of a hangover.

As such, recreational marijuana users prefer to use the herb in order to avoid suffering the side-effects of alcohol. In addition to this obvious reason for the recreational use of cannabis, it is of noteworthy importance to mention that marijuana is much cheaper than most other drugs. As such, cannabis for recreational use is advantageous in terms of maintaining one’s physical well-being as well as the appropriate use of one’s personal finances.

Possesses Relaxing Properties that Improves One’s Quality of Life

relax-cannabisRecreational marijuana users enjoy taking the herb due to its various relaxing properties. It is a well-known fact that life in general, is quite stressful. With regard to recreational users, particularly those in college, leaving home to start a new self-reliant life is quite hard. These individuals are constantly aware of the fact that there are bills to pay, classes to attend, and term papers to work on. The combination of having to take care of all these activities at once tends to cause them to suffer from elevated levels of stress and anxiety.

Therefore, recreational marijuana users partake of the herb in order to obtain a sense of relief and relaxation after a long stressful day. Not only does it help individuals relax, but it also makes entertaining activities such as eating, listening to music, watching movies, and sex more enjoyable. When used responsibly, cannabis greatly improves one’s quality of life.

There is No Risk of Experiencing a “Marijuana Overdose”

The fact that there are no reported cases of individuals who have died due to a “marijuana overdose” forms yet another reason why recreational marijuana users enjoy partaking of the herb. Consulting the statistics alone, thousands of people die each year from alcohol and other drug related diseases and incidents. In direct contrast, the worst side-effect of cannabis is laughing too much, eating too much and sleeping soundly. Sticking to the old saying, ‘No harm, no foul’, recreational use of cannabis rarely has adverse side effects and only works to encourage personal creativity.

Why People Use Marijuana for Medical Use

Cannabis is known among those within the medical profession for its antiemetic properties. As such, it is commonly recommended as an herbal therapy to relieve the symptoms associated with a wide range of terminal and non-terminal illnesses.

Benefits of Medicinal Cannabis

medical-maruijanaHelps with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Medical professionals who recommend the use of cannabis for the treatment of PTSD as an alternative to traditional medications state that the herb has a better calming effect. This is due to the fact that unlike anti-depressants, cannabis use for PTSD treatment relieves anxiety without making an individual feel medicated. Furthermore, the drugs traditionally prescribed for PTSD have a higher risk for addiction and cannot be used over a long period of time. In contrast, cannabis use can wane, fluctuate, or increase to meet the needs of the individual with few side effects with regard to its usage.

Relieves arthritis Pain

Marijuana is prized because of the relief it offers those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. This disease is characterized by swelling in the joints that is accompanied by extreme pain. Smoking marijuana helps relieve this pain and further allows them to gain restful sleep.

Averts the spread of Cancer

Medicinal research into the effect of marijuana in cancer patients indicates that the chemical known as cannabidiol found within cannabis inhibits the Id-1 gene. This gene is responsible for the increased growth and spread of cancer cells.

Relieves the Eye Pressure Suffered by Glaucoma Patients

For patients suffering from glaucoma, The need for using marijuana originates from the medical benefits they obtain. Those who suffer from glaucoma can smoke cannabis to relieve the intraocular pressure within their eyes and enables them to gain better eyesight.

Pain Relief

According to a Canadian study conducted in 2010, the use of cannabis for pain relief was found to be more effective than other common painkillers. This is particularly true for patients who are suffering from pain resulting from nerve damage or the chronic side effects of terminal illnesses.

All in all, whether it is for recreational or medicinal use, marijuana is loved by all its users as they gain numerous physical as well as mental health benefits. Not only is it a source of pain and stress relief, but it is also less harsh on one’s finances. Those who indulge in its use are less likely to suffer from adverse side effects that are associated with other drugs. Both recreational and medicinal marijuana users love the herb for its great healing properties that also include relief from nausea, which aids those with poor appetites to eat without a problem.

Things You Need to Know About CBD Oil

As the use of marijuana becomes legal and acceptable in a growing number of areas in the United States, more and more people are becoming interested in its uses particularly with its medicinal properties. There are many anecdotes available online that documents the efficacy of medical marijuana in treating different health conditions. People who have been following stories about medical marijuana may have come across the term CBD and CBD oil. A discussion about the benefits of medical marijuana will not be complete without a touching CBD. Unfortunately, many people are not familiar with it. What follows is a discussion of CBD and CBD oil, its benefits and many uses.

What is CBD?

what-is-cbd-oilThe term CBD actually stands for cannabidiol and is one of the active compounds found in cannabis or the marijuana plant. Like other cannabis compounds, CBD has many significant health benefits. What makes it different from the other compounds though is that it does not have the property to get people “stoned” or “high.” In fact, CBD can actually counteract the psychoactivity of other cannabis compounds, specifically of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which causes most of marijuana’s psychological effects.

Because it lacks the ability to get people high, CBD presents itself as an appealing treatment option for patients who respond well to cannabis treatment and for those who want to try medical marijuana but do not want to feel lethargic and are not interested in feeling the known effects of the medicinal plant. In the past, only THC-rich strains of marijuana were available in North America. But now that medical marijuana is becoming more and more accepted, CBD-rich strains of cannabis is also becoming more accessible.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

Clinical studies have shown that CBD oil is effective in treating a wide range of conditions including diabetes, arthritis, MS, alcoholism, chronic pain, schizophrenia, antibiotic-resistant infections, PTSD, epilepsy and other neurological disorders. The compound has also shown neurogenic and neuroprotective effects. Currently, experts are studying CBD’s anti-cancer and initial findings are very promising. What experts know for sure at this moment is that CBD has anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety, and anti-spasm effects.

What is cannabis oil and what are its uses?

When marijuana is used as medicine it is usually taken in oil form. Cannabis oil is actually made from a special strain of marijuana that is low in THC and high in CBD. This is the reason why cannabis oil is sometimes referred to as CBD oil. This oil has many uses. For one, it can help children who are suffering from intractable seizures due to a condition known as Dravet Syndrome. There are also reports of cancer patients who has used cannabis oil as a safer replacement to chemotherapy. More studies are needed though to determine the actual effect of cannabis oil to cancer cells. The oil has also been used to treat the conditions that respond well to CBD.

What is hemp oil and where does it come from?

There is tendency to confuse hemp oil with CBD oil mainly because the two both contain very little THC and therefore do not offer the psychological effects that marijuana is known for. But the two are different. CBD oil is extracted from the flowers, leaves and stalks of the cannabis plant. Meanwhile, hemp is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. Like CBD oil, hemp oil is also known to have medicinal properties. Studies have shown that it is effective in treating diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

CBD oil facts

One of the most important things that you should know about CBD oil is that it is perfectly legal. CBD is a different chemical than other components of cannabis and for this reason it cannot be classified as a controlled drug. Of course, this only refers to the laws of the United States. It would be best to check the laws in tour country before you try CBD oil in treating any health condition. CBD is also non-addictive. As mentioned in the first part of this article, it does not contain the psychoactive properties found in other marijuana compounds. CBD as well as other compounds of cannabis are also very safe. So far, experts have not found a deadly medical condition that can be linked directly to cannabis and its compounds. Always be sure you buy your CBD products with trustworthy sites like or

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