Marijuana- effects on athletes performance and health benefits

Marijuana is one of the most commonly used mind-changing drugs. It’s naturally grown and is used as herbal medication and a recreational drug. The active ingredient in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol. When this ingredient is higher in the drug, it is believed to be more potent and has a greater effect on the individual consuming it. Marijuana has been in existence for many years and its advocators believe that when used well, it can help relieve pain, insomnia, decrease anxiety, and many other benefits that are generally accepted.

What takes place in the body when you smoke marijuana?

smoke-cannabisThe primary ingredient in marijuana tetrahydrocannabinol is responsible for all the effects of the drugs in the body. The moment you inhale the drug, peak concentration in the body takes place within 3-8 minutes. Normally, the effects of the drug vary based on the strain since each strain contain different amounts of cannabinoids. Since most people want the psychoactive properties, some strains have been developed with large amounts of psychoactive ingredients. Based on the strain that one is using, the total active ingredient absorbed is usually 1-15 mg. However, eating or drinking it normally reduces the amount of the active ingredient by 20%.

Effects of marijuana on athletic performance

Generally, smoking marijuana impairs the eyes, decreases the reaction time, and divides attention leading to less concentration. According to recent studies, pilots smoking marijuana increased in errors that come as a result of impairments. As compared to those who smoked cigarettes, performance among marijuana smokers was adversely affected for averagely two hours after smoking the drug. This was due to the difference in blood flow to the brain. In some studies, brains were analyzed for acute effects of marijuana and it was noted that there was a significant reduction of blood flow to the temporal lobe which was related to the impaired functioning of the brain.

The conclusion of the study was that it’s not advisable to smoke marijuana before a difficult task or a complex game as this could result to poor decision making. However, a hardworking athlete may benefit a lot from the bronchodilatory and pain-numbing effects of the drug. More so, since marijuana can help enhance your body’s metabolism, it can help you in the process of burning fat. The active ingredients found in the drug may also help lower cholesterol and speed fat loss in the body.

Other health benefits of marijuana

· Marijuana may slim you down. Those who are using marijuana are generally slimmer. This means it reduces fasting insulin which may be lead to weight loss. Marijuana smokers have thinner weight circumferences than non-smokers.

· It may treat inflammatory disease in the stomach. According to university researchers, it was noted that marijuana can combine with the cells in the body to help in treating bowel inflammation. They act by blocking the body cannabinoids thereby preventing permeability which in turn makes the intestinal walls bond tighter.

· Marijuana may protect the brain, especially after a stroke. According to scientists, marijuana can also work well in protecting the brain after epilepsy or stroke. This means that it has anticonvulsants benefits. This is very important especially for those who have suffered from epilepsy.

· Marijuana may minimize the pain. Time and again, research has indicated that marijuana can lower nausea in patients who are on chemotherapy. This means cancer patients who are on drugs can benefit a lot from the drug. Marijuana can reduce the pain and also help alleviate the side effects that come with this. It can also help to stimulate appetite.benefits-marijuna

· It may relieve pain in arthritis patients. According to recent evidence, those who did not have cannabinoid receptors were likely to have osteoporosis. Generally, cannabis minimizes the pain that can come as a result of arthritis. According to researchers, the patients that were given some doses of cannabinoid reported a reduction in pain after a short while as compared to those who were not given.

· It has a chemical that may prevent cancer from spreading. These chemicals can work against brain cancer, lung cancer, and leukemia.

Final thoughts

Marijuana is one of the most studied drugs. Although the results are not conclusive, it’s generally believed that it has some benefits that can help. However, the debate and research on the drug is still going on.

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